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There’s something to be admired about a movie series that has gone from fun to bloated to having stuck around so long that it actually became fun again,(Download Fast & Furious 6) largely thanks to the introduction of Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five.

Now the Fast & Furiouses are being churned out at such an alarming rate,(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) you’ll barely have time to catch your breath before part seven will be with us next spring.(Watch Fast & Furious 6 Online) But we’ll need to make do in the meantime with this ludicrously enjoyable sixth entry that sees former criminals Dom and Brian (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) retired to family life in Spain.

Meanwhile Johnson’s cop is on the trail of another set of bad guys led by Luke Evans,(Fast & Furious 6 Download) and goes to Dom and his crew of street-racers for their help,(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) the carrot being that Dom’s one-time squeeze Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) isn’t as dead as he thought she was.(Download Fast & Furious 6) And if they can bring the gang down,(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) they’ll get the pardons that will allow them to return to the States.

By becoming increasingly convoluted and introducing too many characters, it means there’s an awful lot of movie here for a daft racing flick.(Download Fast & Furious 6) When they talk it can sometimes be best to look away, as feeble lines delivered by subpar actors aren’t what you’ve signed up to a Fast & Furious picture for. And it can sometimes be very po-faced, generally whenever Diesel is around. Thank heavens then for Johnson, who punctures the stern atmosphere with some engaging stuff.

But when it takes to the roads, it’s a Ferrari of a different colour. The vehicular mayhem is stunningly executed, often thrilling, albeit not all of it coherent, and at least a good percentage of it looks done for real.(Watch Fast & Furious 6 Online) An exposition-heavy midsection in between the bouts of carnage threatens to outstay its welcome, but a centrepiece chase on a Spanish highway involving a tank is worth the wait. That’s merely a taster for a quite colossal climactic sequence on the world’s longest airport runway, making the final third of the movie unrepentantly silly and thoroughly enjoyable.

And stick around once the credits start rolling to see who’ll be joining the fun in episode seven!

FAST & FURIOUS 6 begins with a call from Dom (Vin Diesel), who now lives his troops in the lap of luxury, drums together for a new job. (Fast & Furious 6 Download) Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has Dominic Toretto and his troops may submit evidence that the held for dead Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is still alive and has the ex-military Owen Shaw connected. As head of a criminal organization that specializes in the trade of high-tech weapons, he plans a huge coup in London and Letty helps him. When people connect to Cathedral Luke Hobbs, the offer is promised to all amnesty in return. But Cathedral goods motivation to participate is to bring Letty back to the "family" to.

The audience has much to offer during the over two hours of run time.(Download Fast & Furious 6) Almost too much. Although the story is apparently merely the hook for plenty of spectacular action, to make a lot of unnecessary turns, so the whole thing is a bit overused. It's never been the claim of the franchise that is occurring action should be credible and realistic, but in FAST & FURIOUS 6 is all somehow "over the top". The action is broken up by spells that are sometimes funny, sometimes less.(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) In addition to the action and the car is probably a large part of the audience because of its stars to the movies. They do a good job. Only of the former MMA world champion Gina Carano ( Haywire ), which is not able to express their role rough edges,(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) I would have expected something more. Thanks to the variety of characters and subplots, it was probably to unfold, no opportunities for them. A pity.

A small downer for fans of auto racing, which form the heart of the series remains. FAST & FURIOUS 6 indeed provides some breakneck chases, where even tanks and airplanes are used, but an actual race,(Watch Fast & Furious 6 Online) there is only one in the whole movie.

Nevertheless, action fans will get their money.(Fast & Furious 6 Download) The series has increased its dose of blockbuster action from film to film, which opens here in several finals.(Download Fast & Furious 6) Once the villain is finally caught, the story should have ended at this point,(Download Fast & Furious 6 Movie) actually, but it takes an unnecessary turn inside out and FAST & FURIOUS same showdown over a second.

One thing is certain: the FAST & FURIOUS franchise is probably not over yet.(Download Fast & Furious 6) Even before the credits waiting for a big surprise to us, which closes the circle of the film series while making plenty of room for a new storyline.